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Cover of Comin' at Ya by Tommy Fox with lyrics by Bradley Steffens




Comin' at ya

Second album by singer-songwriter Tommy Fox. Includes 12 original songs, including one instrumental. Eight songs with music by Tommy Fox and lyrics by Bradley Steffens.

1. Final Exam, Fox-Steffens
2. Memories of You, Fox-Steffens
3. Let the Devil Decide, Fox-Steffens
4. Jump River, Fox-Pearson
5. The Wounded Clown, Fox-Steffens
6. Tooth of the Dog, Fox-Pearson
'73 New Orleans, Fox-Pearson
8. Ever Since Your Crossed My Path, Fox-Steffens
9. And the Wheel Goes Round, T. Fox
10. The Power To Choose, Fox-Steffens
Belly Up to the Bar, Fox-Steffens
12. How Could I Know, Fox-Steffens

Running time: 41:35

Copyright © 2008 by Bradley Steffens

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