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Cover of Emerald Drive by Tommy Fox with lyrics by Bradley Steffens



Emerald Drive

Debut album by Tommy Fox features twelve original songs, including four instrumentals featuring Fox on guitar. Seven songs by with music by Tommy Fox and lyrics by Bradley Steffens.

1. Emerald Drive, T. Fox
2. Leaving Wasn't Enough, Fox-Steffens
3. No One Knows, Fox-Steffens
4. Faultline, Fox-Steffens
5. Minaturette, T. Fox
6. Love Changes It All, Fox-Steffens
7. At Dawn, T. Fox
8. Out of the Frying Pan, Fox-Steffens
9. Make It Go, T. Fox
10. Stuck On You, T.Fox
11. The Web You Weave, Fox-Steffens
12. The Path of Least Resistance, Fox-Steffens

Running time: 44:15.

Copyright © 2008 by Bradley Steffens

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